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Restoration Science Forums

The research forum series was established to provide support for research on the Winton Wetlands by highlighting recent developments in wetland restoration science and, over time, assisting scientists and managers gain data for a deeper understanding of the wetland’s ecosystem functioning and its management.

Objectives of the Annual Wetlands Restoration Science Forum series at Winton Wetlands are:

  1. to provide a regular forum for researchers and managers to discuss the latest and global science about wetland restoration and management;
  2. help the Winton Wetland Committee of Management identify research needs, share information, equipment, facilities, and resources, and to collaborate on research with partners;
  3. share information about the science program at Winton Wetlands through talks, tours and an online knowledge portal (with previous forum results, science on the site, and relevant reports on the Reserve); and,
  4. provide support for restoration scientists at the Winton Wetlands to gain and share data and knowledge for management of the site.

Wetland Restoration Science Forums have been held at the Winton Wetlands’ Mokoan Hub & Café since 2015. Each one has a theme and outcomes specific to that year. Reports on the forums, along with speakers talks in the links below:

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Science Forum 2022

Managing wetlands in times of uncertainty is the theme for the 2021 Wetland Restoration Science Forum. We are running the event onsite at our Hub

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