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Wild Week Supporters

AirSeed Technologies

AirSeed is an engineering and biotechnology enterprise which works on large-scale ecological restoration projects across Australia and beyond. It collaborates with academic institutions, with its own team of researchers that have been leading the way in drone planting technology, including hardware and software development and Seed Pod biotechnology development.

AirSeed has worked closely with Winton Wetlands over the past year to assist with large scale revegetation activities in hard-to-reach corners of the wetlands, making invaluable in-kind contributions to the restoration of the site.

Turtles Australia

Turtles Australia works to help preserve populations and habitats of Australian freshwater turtles; undertakes and supports research projects; and provides education to the general public through various media and publications.


The 1 Million Turtles program is a national community conservation citizen science program. This program promotes a strong collaboration between scientists and the community to support initiatives aimed at conserving threatened Australian freshwater turtle species. 

Winton Wetlands supports a major population of longneck turtles – the totem of the Yorta Yorta people – but they (and other freshwater turtle species) face serious threats from predation by introduced species, particularly foxes which feed on turtle eggs and juvenile turtles. Research is under way, involving Winton Wetlands, to help protect them better on their road to adulthood.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

EPA Victoria is the state’s independent environmental regulator. It works to protect the health of the community and environment from pollution and waste.

EPA Victoria has been a valued supporter of revegetation activities under way at Winton Wetlands in the past year, via a new “polluter pays” scheme in which businesses found guilty of unlawful environmental breaches are required to fund activities to improve the local environment rather than simply pay fines. The EPA is keen to explore further opportunities in this area to be identified by local communities.

Birdlife Australia

BirdLife Australia is a not-for-profit organisation advocating for native birds and the conservation of their habitats across Australia.

Volunteer birdwatchers from BirdLife Murray Goulburn have consistently visited Winton Wetlands for more than 10 years conducting regular bird population surveys, gathering invaluable data about the variety and population density of birds passing through the wetlands. To date, more than 200 species have been observed, including more than 30 threatened or endangered species. Their work makes an invaluable contribution to the general environmental monitoring needed by the Winton Wetlands project.

North Central Catchment Management Authority

The North Central CMA is a government entity which works in collaboration with others to help manage water catchment conditions in a way which ensures “sustainably managed land, water and biodiversity resources that support productive and prosperous communities in a changing climate”. It aims to create natural resource management partnerships and programs that deliver lasting change.

Along with other Catchment Management Authorities (or CMAs), North Central CMA has worked closely with Winton Wetlands on a number of projects including the ongoing efforts to return native Growling Grass Frogs, and small bodied native fish to northern Victorian habitat.

Friends of Warby Ovens National Park

Located 10 kilometres from Wangaratta between the Victorian Alps and the Murray Valley, Warby‐Ovens National Park is located amongst some of the State’s most significant bushland. The friends of Warby Ovens National Park work to help preserve and promote awareness of this precious natural resource.

Winton Wetlands works in cooperation with the Friends group on matters of mutual interest, recognising the close eco-system relationships between the two areas.

Taskforce Growler

Taskforce Growler is an alliance being formed between members of the public, wetland scientists and land and water managers across the region, working together in a coordinated effort to help return an iconic native frog to north-eastern Victoria.

The growling grass frog, once common at Winton Wetlands and elsewhere, is being brought back to the wetlands to help restore natural conditions and encourage the return of other native species – especially birds – back to the area.

Winton Wetlands’ partners in Taskforce Growler are an important part of the ‘progress report’ being presented as part of Wild Week.

The Winton Wetlands Creatives

The Creatives are an informal alliance of artists, photographers and other ‘creatives’ interested in the inspiration that comes from the unique environment of Winton Wetlands. They are working to create more opportunities for artists of all kinds to create and exhibit, mindful of not just the potential economic benefits from selling artwork but also the health, spiritual and community-building benefits of their shared endeavour.

The group is in its early stages, with creatives coming from quite different backgrounds and perspectives, but at Winton Wetlands they meet on common ground. A selection of the wetlands-inspired work of these creatives is being shown during Wild Week.

The Gecko GLaN

The Gecko CLaN is a community Landcare Network which supports 14 Landcare groups stretching from Yarrawonga to the Strathbogie Ranges to Nagambie. The Gecko CLaN implements network scale projects around the themes of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. The Gecko CLaN is proudly independent, but enjoys strong working relationships with government agencies and other community organisations.

Its role is to support local Landcare groups to carry out their projects including sourcing funding, project management and administrative assistance. It also delivers network level projects across the whole Gecko CLaN area.

The Winton Wetlands is proud to work cooperatively with the Gecko CLaN.

Middle Creek Fish Farm

Working in cooperation with Native Fish Australia and others, the Middle Creek Fish Farm breeds small bodied native fish species for conservation projects, the aquarium industry and other customers.

Middle Creek Fish Farm has played a vital role as the supplier of native fish stock to Winton Wetlands in its efforts – along with other partners – to re-populate the wetlands with fish species which have become threatened or locally extinct in recent decades.


Goldrush Ballooning

Goldrush Ballooning is a professional balloon operator based in north-east Victoria.  Its team is led by World Bronze medallist and five-time Australian Champion Paul Gibbs. Goldrush offers regular King Valley and Mansfield based flights, and is working with Winton Wetlands now to explore the possibilities and prospects for wetland-themed balloon flights in future, potentially providing a low-impact means of aerial viewing of the wetland environment.

Swamps Rivers and Ranges

Swamps, Rivers and Ranges describes itself as a community-driven landscape restoration group, existing to make positive contributions to enhancing the natural environment of our region, filling strategic gaps and applying a long-term perspective at a broad landscape scale. 


It aims to initiate, enhance and collaborate with community efforts to conserve and restore healthy landscapes, with benefits for nature conservation, natural resource management and agricultural production. 

It is is a ‘grassroots’ organisation that works with private landholders, government agencies and non-government organisations. It started with philanthropic backing from the Wettenhall Environment Trust, and continues to receive support from the trust. Swamps Rivers and Ranges has been instrumental in assisting with the initiation and launch of Taskforce Growler at Winton Wetlands and across north-east Victoria.

Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation

Yorta Yorta are the traditional custodians of the land on which the Winton Wetlands reserve is located. Winton Wetlands Committee of Management recognises that the site lies within the traditional lands of the Yorta Yorta people, the original owners of Country. We respect their deep enduring connection to their lands and waterways and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

We honour and respect their ancestors, their Elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge the significant role Yorta Yorta people play in support of the Winton Wetlands restoration project and of our programs.

Our Village


Our Village is a participatory art project, created by the Village Festival, in collaboration with Winton Wetlands.


The Village is run by a professional team of highly experienced arts workers, often mentoring teams of volunteers, students and keen amateurs.   The Village provides artistic support for artists – this may simply be some dramaturgical or design advice, but has often included complete devising and directing of new works. 

Many Village Festivals are presented in conjunction with other festivals or events and the Village can set up almost anywhere around Australia for corporate or community purposes.