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Want to see one of your photos on our calendar?

Update: 15th September 2023 – Entries have now closed. Our calendar will be available later in 2023

Who doesn’t love a good picture of Winton Wetlands? There are so many great ones that have been taken.

And who doesn’t love an attractive wall calendar to hang up at the start of each year?

It’s time to bring these two together!

For 2024 we intend to offer a calendar showcasing some of the stunning landscape and wildlife of Winton Wetlands captured in our own photographs and perhaps also by some of the talented professionals and amateurs who regularly visit the wetlands to get snapping.

We never cease to be impressed by some of the beautiful imagery that visitors offer up to our Google profile page and other locations.

We think it would be a great idea to showcase some of these best pics of the wetlands in a fundraising calendar that will be sold – at a reasonable price of course – in our Hub & Café and made available for online sale too.

If you are interested in submitting one or more photos for consideration, please let us know here:

There are only 12 months in a year, of course, and there might be a great many photos showing similar scenes, so it’s not going to be possible to use every photo that comes our way. But if you think you’ve got a truly outstanding image showing an aspect of Winton Wetlands that people would want to see, we’d love to hear from you.

If one of your photos is used, you’ll get a free calendar and a café gift voucher. More importantly, your work will become part of the permanent record of the Winton Wetlands project.

Entries close Thursday 31 August 2023.

(Our photo to accompany this story is the work of one of our competition entrants: Two Tawny Frogmouths, a beautiful shot by Lesley Kiker.)

Posted 25 July 2023