T: 03 5766 4462

Mobility access

Winton Wetlands offers easy access from the main car park into the Hub and Cafe complex.

Disability parking spaces link directly to a concrete path all the way to the main entrance. This concrete pathway slopes gently downward from end of car park to the entrance doors.

The main entrance-way to the Hub and Café consists of two sets of outward opening doors, manually operated. Our café staff are pleased to assist if needed. (Please call [03] 5766 4462 to give advance notice or if the entrance area is unattended.)

The car park itself is constructed of loose gravel, as are most of the walking and cycling tracks at the Wetlands. They are regularly maintained.

In general, trails and paths are relatively flat, though there can be occasional unevenness, and in wet weather occasional muddiness in parts.

We are pleased to answer any more specific queries you may have, and we welcome your feedback on your experiences with accessibility of Winton Wetlands paths, trails and facilities.

Your queries and feedback can be sent to: