Basic Camping

Camping in the Winton Wetlands will be available from September 2017.

At Winton Wetlands, we offer 20 basic camping sites

For more information, contact our friendly staff

The Nesting Ground

  • Atop of Greens Hill
  • Beneath the Eagles Nest
  • One of the best sunset viewing spots
  • Direct access to the Woodland Walk and Greens Spit
  • 10 sites
  • Communal firepit
  • Toilet facilities
  • No showers
  • $20 per night


Crescent Camp

  • Set in the bushland of Bill Friday Swamp
  • Haven for kangaroo spotting
  • 3km from the Lunette Walk (4.2km to the Lunette Lookout)
  • Basic bush camping
  • Toilet facilities
  • No showers
  • $20 per night