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Many birds at Winton Wetlands

Three big sessions at Winton Wetlands Science Forum

The upcoming Science Forum to be held at Winton Wetlands on 1-2 March will bring together leading experts in wetlands ecology and management, and feature three distinct sessions – each packed with quality content.

The first of the three sessions – Rewilding of Iconic Species – asks the key question of what is “enough”?

It asks: “Is it enough to restore vegetation and animal communities from what exists onsite or is reintroduction – rewilding – of key or iconic species necessary to ensure ecosystem functions occur, if those species are unlikely to be able to naturally recolonise?”

Five expert speakers will share their knowledge of these issues:

  • Peter Rose, NCCMA, on the “Small bodied native fish recovery through the Mid-Murray Floodplain Recovery Reach Program”
  • Dr Nick Whiterod, NGT/Aquasave, on “There must be something in the water: the role of conservation translocations to recover neglected freshwater species”
  • Dr Laurence Berry, AWC, on “Mammal Re-introductions into fenced sanctuaries”
  • Dr Ricky Spencer, UWS on “1 Million Turtles Project and turtle rewilding”
  • Dr Lisa Farnsworth, Winton Wetlands, on “Rewilding of Iconic Species at Winton Wetlands” – an account of the fascinating work now getting under way at Winton Wetlands and its implications.

These solid presentations will be followed by a Q&A and panel discussion which will make an important contribution to documenting “rewilding” as a restoration technique.

It’s a session not to be missed for anyone concerned about wetland restoration issues.

We’ll provide you with more information on the other two sessions soon. But don’t wait for that – please book now as places will be limited!