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Solar Project Proposal

Benefits for the development of a Solar Farm on Winton Wetlands

One of the biggest challenges we face today as a society is climate change and the risks are not only affecting us locally but on a global scale. If we are to combat this challenge, then we must work together towards a better and cleaner future.

The global challenge set by climate change demands to be met head on with responsive and effective action. Winton Wetlands is investigating the way to a more sustainable future, and a solar farm will prove to be a huge step forward for the vision. This means that we can guarantee a clean and renewable source of green energy for the local community while simultaneously minimising our impact on the environment.

Most of the electricity supplied to Victorian households comes from coal fired power stations in the Latrobe Valley. Due to the well-publicised environmental, health and safety concerns, these power stations are gradually being shut down. To cope with the potential shortfalls caused by these closures, new forms of cleaner energy sources are urgently needed.

European countries, including Germany and the UK, have switched to 100% renewable energy. In line with Australia’s renewable energy targets, the Victorian government is targeting for 50% of energy usage to be from renewable energy by 2030.

The Winton Wetlands proposed solar farm is a solid step in the right direction in mitigating climate change effects, as it will ensure that thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases are avoided each year. It will also bring empowerment and economic sustainability to the Winton Wetlands and the local community.