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Slow Down! Turtle Crossing

With the recently warmer and now wetter weather, our ‘heroes in half shells’ are on the move and will be shortly looking for nesting sites for the spring. 

You can assist our local freshwater turtles in a few really meaningful ways:
1. Slow down and keep an eye out for turtle shaped blobs on the road
2. If you do spot one, stop if it is safe to do so, pick it up gently by the edges of the shell and move it quietly (keeping it low to the ground) off the road in the direction it was heading
3. Download the TurtleSAT App to your phone and contribute to a national turtle activity database by marking where and when you found it (this applies to turtle nest, live and deceased turtles).
4. Keep an eye on our socials for opportunities to assist with turtle nest protection research projects over the coming months
5. Encourage your family and friends to do steps 1-4!

Our turtles will thank you!