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Denise Morgan-Bulled

In the artist’s words:

I weave because it is my way of connecting to a craft that was done for survival by my Yorta Yorta ancestors. I also weave for the calmness it gives me, and the happiness I feel upon completing a basket. When possible I use one of the rushes that grows in our bushland, but recently I have had to use other types of material to weave with. 

Our Elders used what Mother Nature provided for them.  All material used was from the surrounding area.  The amount of material used was monitored, only what you needed, what taken from the land.  The lands health is significant, not only for the lands survival but also the peoples.

I want to continue this craft and knowledge about the material used from the land, and pass it on and have weavers for generations to come.




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Bunyman wokin mukuga

Denise Morgan-Bulled


Jessie Cooper

Welded Steel