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Yarning & Gathering Pathway

Lotjpatj Natjan Danak is a creation of cultural works that represent Ancestors; totems and special places; spirituality; ceremonies and cultural practices; histories and knowledge systems; ecology and seasons; plants; insects; birds and animals; rivers; creeks; sky stories and ancient creations.

These works have been created by 15 Yorta Yorta artists to share stories of their living culture.

This is an all-abilities walk across a flat gravel path.
Walk distance:  950m on a loop path
Time to walk:  15 minutes at an easy walking pace

The Sculptures

How to Pronounce


Aerial Views

Opening of Lotjpatj Natjan Danak on Sunday 15 May, 2022

This short video provides an overview of some of the key history and events leading up to the establishment of the Winton Wetlands conservation and restoration project, Australia’s largest wetland restoration project. It includes reference to creation and decommissioning of the former Lake Mokoan, and subsequent developments. It is intended for educational and general interest use. Produced June 2022. Production credits provided at end of video.