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Rescheduled 2022 Winton Wetlands Science Forum

Managing wetlands in times of uncertainty is the theme for this year’s Wetland Restoration Science Forum. Rescheduled dates are 1st and 2nd March 2022. We are running the event onsite at our Hub Cafe, so we look forward to welcome a small group of wetland scientists, managers and community members to discuss ways to cope with uncertainty in terms of the science, the climate and societal issues (including global pandemics).

To do this, we have developed a program with speakers and discussion panels covering three topics relevant to most wetland management, which are:

Rewilding of Iconic Species – Is it enough to restore vegetation and animal communities from what exists onsite or is reintroduction (rewilding) of key or iconic species necessary to ensure ecosystem functions occur, if those species are unlikely to be able to naturally recolonise? We will have a range of speakers on fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals to examine these issues.

Communities of Practice for Restoration – we have invited a diverse range of community based groups to outline their group, objectives, operations and funding and to highlight a few aspects that really works for them and how others could adopt it (or are that they maybe unique to that group). A facilitated discussion panel and Q&A session will document the key items from the range of speakers.

Grassland Management – Wetlands do not exist in isolation and more often than not are surrounded by grasslands and/or there are wetland grasslands (such as cane grass communities at Winton Wetlands) which need management. This session will host a number of grassland experts who will highlight the major factors that are required to ensure successful restoration of grasslands and how that applies to other systems such as wetlands.


The detailed program will be loaded shortly. Sessions include:

DAY 1 –

  • Rewilding of Iconic Species (AM)
  • Communities of Practice for Restoration (PM)
  • Forum dinner (Evening) at Zeus in Benalla, drinks at bar prices.

DAY 2 –

  • Grassland Management (AM)
  • Wetland walk (PM)

Accommodation is available at a selection of places in Benalla and the surrounding area.

Across from our dinner venue, Zeus Cafe, is the ‘Top of the Town’ Motel. They have set special room rates per night for our Science Forum – Single $120, Double $130, Twin $135. To access these rates, ring the motel directly on 03 5762 4866 and tell them you are part of the Winton Wetlands event.

For more information, contact Lance Lloyd

To book tickets go to Eventbrite.