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Putting regional Victoria on the global map

Experts in wetland management and science will be gathering in regional Victoria on 29 June 2023, for the annual Winton Wetlands Science Forum – this year focusing on international recognition of Australia’s wetlands.

Winton Wetlands has been working toward the achievement of an international listing for the ambitious Winton Wetlands restoration project – one of the biggest and most significant in the southern hemisphere. The project has so far been listed as a ‘Wetland of Distinction’, the first outside of the USA.

Project experts are keen to use the Forum to share lessons being learned from the process so far, and ensure other wetland projects can also benefit from what is being learned both at Winton and elsewhere in ongoing efforts to repair natural ecosystems and gain more recognition for the vital work under way.

This year’s Forum will be packed into a single day, a change from previous events which have been spread over two. This will make it easier for attendees juggling busy schedules.

Experts due to speak at the Forum include leading policymakers within the Australian and Victorian governments as well as nationally known wetlands researchers.

According to organisers, the Forum will provide not just an opportunity for wetland experts and land managers to hear from people who drive public policy, and researchers but also an opportunity to ask questions and add perspectives of their own.

One of the key objectives of the annual event is to give people working in this rapidly growing field the opportunity to have input into the growing body of shared knowledge on how best to conserve and restore natural wetland systems, threatened in the 21st century by pollution, land clearing and other issues.

Conference organiser and wetland ecologist Lance Lloyd said today the event was an important one in the annual calendar for people working in the field, and many came from far and wide to attend.

“This is one of the best opportunities available for experts in their field to come together, share their knowledge for everyone’s benefit and help shape emerging practices and policies – and it happens right here in north-east Victoria, so we’re very proud of it.”

Mr Lloyd said the event was open to anyone interested in the work going on – not just wetland scientists.


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Posted: 31 May 2023