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Protecting you, your dog, and others

A friendly reminder to all our dog-loving visitors that dogs are not permitted on the Winton Wetlands reserve, except in the immediate vicinity of the Mokoan Hub & Café – where they must also remain on a leash and be supervised.

This is for health and safety reasons, including the safety of dogs themselves in a nature reserve with an abundance of wildlife including snakes.

The reserve is subject to regular use of para-amino propiophenone (PAPP) poison baits to reduce the population of foxes.

In order to minimise the potential risks to non-target species and reduce the instance of any other misshaps, we utilise Canid Pest Ejectors (CPEs) with dried meat lure heads to deliver the bait to the foxes.  These devices will only eject the poison bait if a certain upward pull force is exerted on the lure head.

If you do bring a dog onto the reserve (and please don’t!), please understand it will be entirely at your own risk – and that you will also have full responsibility for the behaviour of your pet amongst other visitors, should there be problems of any kind.

Disability support dogs are a permitted exception.


Posted 28 May 2024