Experience the breathtaking beauty of Winton Wetlands. At one with nature, you’ll have access to gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, plus all the bushwalking and birdwatching your heart could desire.

Our campsite options

We have a range of basic sites for you to choose from, starting at $20 per night at the Nesting Ground and the Crescent Camp.

The Nesting Ground campsites

  • Centrally located at Greens Hill
  • One of the best sunset viewing spots
  • Direct access to the Woodland Walk and Greens Spit
  • 4 sites
  • Toilet facilities
  • No showers
  • $20 per night

Crescent Camp

  • Set in the bushland of Bill Friday Swamp
  • Haven for kangaroo spotting
  • 3km from the Lunette Walk (4.2km to the Lunette Lookout)
  • Basic bush camping
  • Toilet facilities
  • No showers
  • $20 per night

Important information

Fire bans

When camping, you’ll need to adhere to fire bans that might be in place. Over summer, there are usually periods of total fire ban and during those times.

The CFA website has information about the different types of fire ban that might be in place.


  • In case of any emergency dial 000, advising the operator of your location, and request instructions.
  • If you are able, or directed to do so, make your way to the nearest exit.
  • If you are unable to leave, or at risk of losing your way, or directed to stay, remain here and wait for help.


  • Report all fires to emergency services on 000.
  • Fires are only permitted in official fireplaces at campgrounds.
  • Exit the reserve immediately during a wildfire.

Water & heat

  • It is important that you bring your own water.
  • Do not undertake any activity unless you are carrying sufficient drinking water.
  • From October until May it can become extremely hot.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen and protective clothing.


  • In case of snake bite DO NOT MOVE & Call 000.
  • Venomous snakes are common. If you see a snake, keep clear and allow it to move out of your way.
  • It is recommended you carry a snake bandage at all times.


  • Kangaroos are common in the reserve and may appear suddenly.
    -Please drive with care and follow speed limits.

Phone reception

  • Most service providers have reception on this site.

Pedestrians & cyclists

  • When cycling or walking, keep to the side of the roads and be aware of your surroundings.