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Managing wetlands in times of uncertainty: third and final session details now out!

The upcoming Science Forum to be held at Winton Wetlands on 1-2 March will bring together leading experts in wetlands ecology and management, and feature three distinct sessions – each packed with quality content.

Information on the third and final session – Grassland Management –  is now available.

Recognising that wetlands do not exist in isolation, and more often than not are surrounded by grasslands or include wetland grasslands which also need management, the final session will feature grassland experts presenting and discussing what it takes to ensure successful restoration of grasslands and how this links with other systems such as wetlands.

A facilitated discussion panel and Q&A session will document key points from the range of speakers and other participants. The five expert speakers in this session will enable attendees to benefit from a range of perspectives.

They are:

  • Ben Zeeman, from the Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authority, speaking about grassland ecology and management in the Glenelg Hopkins region
  • Rick Van Keulen from the Iramoo Wildflower Grassland Reserve speaking on grassland management work onsite at Iramoo, located at Cairnlea north-west of Melbourne
  • Sally Mann, a consulting botanist, addressing the key questions of “What have you got, what should you do, and how do you do it?”
  • Graeme Coulson from the University of Melbourne, speaking on kangaroos in grasslands – habitat, herbivory and hypotheses
  • Maree Gilbert from the ACT Parks and Conservation Service speaking on issues concerned with “Friends of Grasslands”

The overall theme for the 2022 Winton Wetlands Wetland Restoration Science Forum is ‘Managing wetlands in times of uncertainty’. It will be conducted onsite at the Mokoan Hub and Cafe.
The two earlier sessions at the Forum will focus on:

  • Rewilding of Iconic Species

Communities of Practice for Restoration