Restoration Science Forums

The research forum series was established to provide support for research on the Winton Wetlands by highlighting recent developments in wetland restoration science and, over time, assisting scientists and managers gain data for a deeper understanding of the wetland’s ecosystem functioning and its management.

Five Wetland Restoration Science Forums have been held at the Winton Wetlands’ Mokoan Hub & Café between 2015 to 2019. There is a report on each of the forums along with speakers talks in the links below:


Landscape Connections and Restoration: Restoration of Camargue Wetlands (France) – Patrick Grillas

Vegetation Monitoring at Winton Wetlands: 2010 and 2017

Wetland Connectivity: A landscape management tool

Glenelg Ramsar Nomination Glenelg Estuary and Discovery Bay Wetland Complex – Gavin Prentice Senior NRM Planner Warrnambool, VIC

Building Catchment Resilience Through Partnerships –  Chris Norman Chief Executive Officer Goulburn Broken CMA

Improving the health of the Gippsland Lakes: Delivery Priorities through partnerships – Sean Phillipson

Managing Foxes or Managing Impacts? – Ricky Spencer James U Van Dyke

An Examination of the Impact of Long Term Flooding on the Seedbank Potential of a Freshwater Meadow Dominated by Eucalyptus camaldulensis  – Andrew White

Wettenhall Environment Trust

By helicopter or by hand? River Red Gum re-establishment trials Dr Lisa Farnsworth

Potential Ramsar Listing for Winton Wetlands – Jim Grant, CEO & Lance Lloyd, Restoration Scientist



2016 Science Forum Outcomes Report

Sustainability in social-ecological systems: The case of the Winton Wetlands – Luisa Perez-Mujica School of Environmental Sciences Charles Sturt University

Carp control and carp virus update

Climate Change threats and adaptation at the Hunter Wetlands Centre

Identifying the most effective approaches for establishing Cane Grass (Eragrostris infecunda) in wetlands restoration Daniel Richter-Martin, Masters of Forest Ecosystem Science candidate, University of Melbourne

Friends, Frogs and Fishes Project – Friends of Winton Wetlands

Seven ‘Es’ of an Effective Wetland Centre – Dr Stuart Blanch CEO Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia

Winton Wetlands Research Seminar – Andrew White (An examination of the impact of long term flooding on the seedbank potential of a freshwater meadow dominated by E. camaldulensis)

Wetland Vegetation Recovery – Jane Roberts

How seedbanks save the day – Michelle Casanova, Federation University Ballarat

Learning together – Catherine Allan


2015 Wetlands Restoration Research Forum, Winton Wetlands – Outcomes Report