General documents

These documents provide our partners, friends and visitors with some of the wealth of information and data that we hold on the Winton Wetland Reserve, related to our ecological renewal program.

We do have some other documents in hard copy format only and have a program of digitising them to place them online. If there are other documents you are looking for, please contact us at info@wintonwetlands.org.au to make your request. If you have documents related to Winton Wetlands restoration project that you believe may be useful or interesting, you can email them to us using the same address.

2017 Continental impacts of water development on waterbirds, contrasting two Australian river basins: Global implications for sustainable water use

2017 Winton Wetlands Ecological Renewal Update May 2017 – Lance Lloyd, Restoration Scientist (Aquatic Ecology)

2016 Identifying the most effective approaches for establishing Cane Grass (Eragrostris infecunda) in wetlands restoration – Daniel Richter-Martin

2016 Climate Change threats and adaptation at the Hunter Wetlands Centre – Dr Stuart Blanch

2016 Carp control and carp virus update – Lance Lloyd

2015 Water Quality and Aquatic Vegetation Management at Winton Wetlands

2014 Concept report for Winton Wetlands screens Kingfisher Research P/L

2014 Winton Wetlands Fish and Aquatic Habitat Strategic Management Plan

2011 Winton Wetlands Restoration and Monitoring Strategic Plan

2010 Lake Mokoan: Baseline vegetation monitoring March 2010 Jane Roberts, Dylan Osler, Jenny Hale

2008 Mokoan Return to Wetland Lake Mokoan Decommissioning Project

2008 Littoral and wetland vegetation, Lake Mokoan March 2008 – Jane Roberts and Jenny Hale

2008 Regeneration around Lake Mokoan March 2008 – Jane Roberts, Halina Kobryn, Dylan Osler



An examination of the impact of long term flooding on the seedbank potential of a freshwater meadow dominated by Eucalyptus camaldulensis subsp camaldulensis – Andrew James White

South Eastern Catchments of the Winton Wetlands A Study of Erosion and Turbidity Winton Wetland Management Committee

Identifying the most effective approaches for establishing Cane Grass in wetlands restoration – Daniel Richter-Martin