Geography Unit 3

Changing the Land Fieldwork

When studying Geography Unit 3, your students could be immersed in their fieldwork at the extraordinary Winton Wetlands, the largest wetland restoration in the Southern Hemisphere.

The vast area is in the process of being restored. For thousands of years it was a significant area for the Yorta Yorta Nation. It was then used for agriculture and then turned into a reservoir for irrigation and recreation. Your students will monitor the restoration changes from a flooded reservoir to establishing an ephemeral wetland.

Your students will be able to access the thousands of years of change from the Yorta Yorta Nation 150 years of recent change back to restoration.

Resource Video

Teacher Material

PowerPoint Presentation -Winton Wetlands VCE

Student Classroom Materials/Exercises

Geography Unit 3 – Glossary

Student Fieldwork Materials

  • Outlet Channel – Dam Wall
  • Scarred Trees
  • Recent Historical Heritage sites
  • Interpretive Signs
  • CFA Water Tank
  • Camp Ground
  • Humphries Hill

Geography Unit 3 – Compatible Land Use
Geography Unit 3 – Replanting Winton Wetlands
Geography Unit 3 – Winton Wetlands Survey

Reference Materials

Throughout the learning materials there are a number of references to publications that support the work currently being undertaken by the Winton Wetlands. These publications have been highlighted and can be downloaded below.