Indigenous Heritage

Winton Wetlands is a highly significant Indigenous cultural and historic landscape. The site is rich in Indigenous cultural places and is of considerable social, historical, scientific and spiritual value to its traditional owners.

Respect to elders past and present

We honour the presence of their ancestors and pay our respects to the elders both past and present. We value the significance of this meeting place; understand the cultural connections to the Wetlands and will continue to be inclusive of Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation as the Registered Aboriginal Party to help protect and manage these values into the future.


The area was known by Indigenous peoples as Mokoan, an extensive ephemeral wetland system which was inundated seasonally. The area was rich in traditional food sources and provided water, shelter and medicine for Indigenous communities. The wealth of resources adequately sustained significant Indigenous communities.

Aboriginal culture at the Wetlands

Events of scale, such as corroborees, trade and other traditional ceremonies brought family groups together at this traditional meeting place.

Yorta Yorta customs and lore

The Yorta Yorta Traditional Owners’ customs and lore, social and ownership business were conducted at the Wetlands over many thousands of years. The notion of broad community responsibility is held in the same reverence and regard by the nation today as it has done for many generations of their people.

The Yorta Yorta people and the wetlands today

The Yorta Yorta people will continue to engage with their neighbours and wider community members in related matters, in the interest of positive social and economic development for the region as all-of-community. Achieving a positive, fair and equitable existence to achieve tangible reconciliation is an outcome that will benefit the wider community as well as the Yorta Yorta Nation.

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