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Art in the Landscape

Download the Winton Wetlands Visitor Map for the full list of Art in the Landscape locations or pick up a copy from the Mokoan Hub & Café.

Connect with our stories…

Steeped in a rich historical tapestry, the integration of art into Winton Wetland’s landscape has added an interpretive layer to the site, driven by the surrounding environment and community – past, present and future. Prominent artists such as Andrew J Bourke, Troy Firebrace and Guido Van Helton have told stories inspired by the landscape, on a canvas uniquely “Mokoan”.

During your next visit, make sure to explore the extensive art trail and unravel the history and ecological aspects entwined in the reserve. The Mokoan Hub & Cafe’ makes a perfect starting point.

Featured Works

In 2019 Andrew J Bourke painted ‘The Sanctuary’ mural in the Mokoan Hub & Café during Wall to Wall Festival. This piece, depicting a Lace Monitor and Growling Grass Frog, expresses the current conservation ideals of the restoration project.

The famous North East Victoria Silo Art Trail Water Tank, painted by Guido Van Helten in 2016, showing three local Country Fire Authority volunteers, has proved most popular for its unique situation in the site, nestled amongst throws to European and Aboriginal history and the eerie backdrop of spindly River Red Gums.

Taking in a self-drive Art in the Landscape tour, you’ll also experience what it’s like to swim with the fish painted on the trees at Boggy Bridge Road, explore the Water Gallery at Ashmeads Swamp and find Hilda Bain’s portrait at The Lunette.

Hilda Bain painting at Winton Wetlands