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Jana Brook

My connection with the Winton Wetlands has been as an occasional visitor, sketching and birdwatching. Now that I live locally and work on site I’m able to spend more time recording the constantly changing landscape.

Feel free to come and say hello if you see me out and about sketching or alternately if you’re in the Cafe I may have made the cake you’re about to eat!

(Sketchbook image courtesy of Cooper and Spowart)


CREATIVES - Jana Brook Image 1
  • Artist:   Jana Brook
  • Title:    Ashmeads Swamp
  • Date:  June 2023
  • Medium:  Pen & Wash
  • Size:  Sketchbook page – 37.5 x 20cm

       (Image courtesy of Spowart & Cooper)

CREATIVES - Jana Brook Image 2
  • Artist:   Jana Brook
  • Title:    Winton Wetlands Autumn 2024
  • Date:  April 2024
  • Medium:  Pen & Wash
  • Size:  17 x 15 cm

Artist’s biography and their broader art practice

Art is my way of connecting to place. I’m influenced by the Urban Sketching movement as well as traditional Plein Air painting. I create Journals and Artists books using water based media. As well as being my personal diaries they inform my studio work.

Contact Details

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  • Location:  Benalla
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