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Taskforce Growler

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Taskforce Growler is a taskforce of scientists, researchers, land managers, consultants and members of the public that are interested in assisting with the restoration of Growling Grass Frogs, particularly within the northern Victorian region. Through the establishment of this taskforce, we aim to share knowledge, skills and resources in an effort to assist the restoration of the species in the region and indeed, across SE Australia.


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You can assist the Taskforce in a variety of ways, including :

Assisting with Captive Growler care (laboratory and captive breeding):

Would you like to learn how to handle and care for Growlers?
Winton Wetlands is offering training to those who volunteer to assist with the daily keeping of frogs within the laboratory and captive breeding facility.
Under supervision, you will be able to directly assist with growler health checks, feeding and cleaning of the captive facility.

Growing of Grub for Growlers:

Are you a green thumb?  If so, our Growlers need you!
We need a good supply of greens (for boiling) to feed our captive tadpoles at the captive breeding centre. Greens needed include spinach, endive and lettuce.
If you’re into keeping creepy crawlies, we are also after a steady supply of live crickets and wood roaches. If you’re interested in establishing a colony, let us know!

Joining the Practitioners network:

Winton Wetlands is facilitating an online Growlers practitioners network to share all things Growler.
Everyone is welcome to sign up to be part of this network – scientists, consultants, land managers and community members.
Through regular online sessions, we will share updates on Growler restoration or research across the country, and share knowledge and learnings with anyone who is passionate about Growlers.

Creating Growler friendly habitat:

Have a farm dam, pond or damp spot in your yard? Create some Growler friendly habitat today!
Get in touch for a list of aquatic species preferred by Growlers and create your Growler haven today!
It will benefit all frogs, including Growlers!
You never know, you might even encourage a dispersal of Growlers from other areas and into your private land!

Looking, listening and recording Growlers:

Contribute to our knowledge of Growler distribution!
Get the FrogID app on your phones and start listening and looking for Growlers! 
We are most interested in any records within the Goulburn Broken catchment, as well as Northern Victoria more generally and as FrogID shares their records with the Atlas of Living Australia, we will get access to this information.

Financial Support for Taskforce Growler

Donate much needed funds that will directly contribute towards:

  • The captive breeding and husbandry of GGFs at Winton Wetlands
  • Detection and mapping of the species across northern Victoria
  • Collection and analyses of genetic and chytrid samples from frogs at other Northern Victoria populations of GGFs
  • The employment of a Taskforce Growler Project Officer

Fill out our Expression of Interest form here

Photos:  Kylie McLennan, Lance Lloyd, Pixabay