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Gone fishin’

I’d rather be fishing! Or in the case of Winton Wetlands, electro-fishing…

Following the success of a recent Carp Muster on-site (thanks again to all those involved!), there’s still a bit remaining to be done to prepare ponds at the wetlands for the imminent return of native Growling Grass Frogs.

Some final “carp sweeps” are being done this week in several locations to remove invasive carp using an electrofishing technique. It involves the use of an electrically charged anode dunked in the water from a specially fitted boat.

This process stuns any fish nearby, enabling them to be scooped up in a net. It’s not allowed for recreational fishing – it has safety risks that need careful management – but for research and restoration work, it’s just the ticket.

Shown here is aquatic ecologist Lance Lloyd deploying his trusty “butterfly net” this week with great flair, accompanied by boat pilot Scott Huntley of Aquasave NGT.

(Posted 10 May 2023)