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Get your 2024 Winton Wetlands calendar!

 The first-ever Winton Wetlands wall calendar is about to go on sale.

It’s packed full of fabulous photos taken by talented wetland visitors people who entered our recent calendar photo competition.

The competition winners are: Lesley Kiker (her work is shown here), Cheng Kang, Cameron Maclean, Abram Rasmussen, Jane Parkhill, Suzey Barker, Beverley Thornell, Rob Embury, Robbie Alexander, Luke Legudi and Glenda Black. (A special mention to Narelle Darby whose photo of art trees is used as an inset illustration.)

We’ll be in touch shortly about your prizes – unless you contact us first!

We’ve been really bowled over by the quality of photos – and the creative inspiration that amateurs and professionals alike seem to get out in the wetlands.

Needless to say, with only 12 months in a year, there are LOTS of other really good photos that haven’t been used. Some might appear next year or get used in other ways, with permission.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who entered, including the winning entrants. You’ve really done the wetlands proud!

Copies of the Winton Wetlands 2024 calendar will be on sale at the Mokoan Café & Hub from this Saturday onwards. Over-the-counter sales only.

Copies will also be on sale at our public open day, Saturday 25 November – the final day of the Winton Wetlands Wild Week festival. Unless they sell out before then!

Profit, if any, will go toward the running of Winton Wetlands as a non-for-profit restoration project.


Posted on 8th November 2023