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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities


Our team has been working hard to return Winton Wetlands to its natural state so that plants and animals can flourish and our community can enjoy the space and all that it has on offer.

Now it’s your turn to lend a hand and improve Winton Wetlands. We have almost 9,000ha of land – why not make your mark and volunteer with us!


Why volunteer with us?

  • It’s rewarding for you and for the environment
  • It’s beneficial to our community – let’s help connect our community to nature!
  • It’s a great chance to get outdoors and get active
  • It’s an opportunity to meet new people
  • Get to have a look behind the scenes whilst lending a hand


Some of the tasks our volunteers take part in include:

  • Planting trees
  • Growling Grass Frogs Project
  • Visitor Engagement ‘Meet and Greet’
  • Surveys – Animal, Reptile, Fish, etc


We have great respect for our volunteers and value your time!

If you would like to volunteer with us, please complete our Volunteer Expression of Interest form.


Winton Wetlands is registered with Services Australia as an approved organisation for voluntary work, and can offer volunteer work to registered job seekers. Certain job seekers can include this work as part of their approved activities.


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