An opportunity to get involved

The Winton Wetlands is putting the call out for volunteers who would like to get involved in the project and spend some time at the Mokoan Hub greeting visitors and sharing information about the project with them.

Winton Wetlands Visitor Experience Manager, Jonathan Correll, believes that volunteers at the Hub will have a very important role to play. “For many of our visitors the Mokoan Hub is the first port of call. We are looking to develop a roster of volunteers who can greet these visitors during the busier times and help them to understand what the project is all about and how best to explore the site,” says Jonathan.

“We see this as a great opportunity to attract local community involvement in the project and give people with an interest in the environment another way of making a contribution,” continues Jonathan

“We will provide full training for our volunteers and be very flexible in terms of people’s availability. We are also really mindful of the need for our volunteers to get something positive out of giving up their time, so we will be keen to understand their different areas of interest and do our best to cater to these.”

Anyone interested in having chat about volunteering at the Mokoan Hub is encouraged to call Jonathan on 0437 773 764.