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Frogs getting a $4,000 “Biosis boost”!

The ongoing work at Winton Wetlands to help return the native Growling Grass Frog to its natural habitat across northern Victoria has been boosted by a very generous $4,000 sponsorship contribution just made by consultancy firm Biosis.

Biosis provides specialist  advice spanning botany, zoology, heritage and environmental approvals, with offices in nine locations including Wangaratta. Last year, Biosis celebrated its 40th year of operations.

The contribution comes at the same time as other smaller donations are coming from a variety of community sources, and in the wake of a $50,000 sponsorship given by philanthropic foundation the Wettenhall Trust some weeks ago.

Winton Wetlands restoration manager Dr Lisa Farnsworth has welcomed the generosity of Biosis, noting the group’s expertise in work associated with restoration of natural ecosystems.

“We feel they’re people who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to environmental restoration, so we feel particularly honoured that they want to help support this important work,” Dr Farnsworth says.

Biosis’ Wangaratta-based General Manager- Business and Technical Development, Matt Looby, says Biosis has a strong history of supporting nature conservation and research projects, including partnerships with universities and post-graduate students.

“The Growling Grass Frog reintroduction program at Winton Wetlands has provided us with a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to wildlife conservation and to support the continued restoration of the wetlands.

“We see this program as a fantastic step towards returning Growling Grass Frogs back to the wetlands of north-east Victoria where they once thrived.”

Winton Wetlands currently has around 30 Growling Grass Frogs living in custom built outdoor breeding enclosures, being monitored closely as they move into their winter brumation period in preparation for a busy spring breeding season ahead.  They were relocated from a water storage facility operated by Coliban Water near Bendigo last year.



Posted 15 May 2024