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These frequently asked questions have some great tips for how to enjoy Winton Wetlands on your next visit!

1. Can I fish at Winton Wetlands

Yes. Fishing is allowed by any person that holds a valid Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL). Unless you are exempt, a RFL is required when taking, or attempting to take, any species of fish by any method including line fishing, bait collection, gathering shellfish, yabbying, prawning and spear fishing. To protect our native biodiversity, catch and release is preferred, and non-native catches must be humanely dispatched.

For further information visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority website

2. Can I drive my vehicle through the Reserve?

Yes. The Winton Wetlands is open to vehicles on marked roads unless otherwise signed or advised. These roads are shared by pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife. Roads, tracks and trails may at times be closed for safety reasons including fire risk, flooding and heat. Please observe all closures and speed limits for your own safety.

3. Are snakes common in the Wetlands?

Yes. The Winton Wetlands is home to a number of venomous snakes including the Eastern Brown Snake and the Red-bellied Black Snake. It is important that if you do see a snake, you keep well clear and allow plenty of time for it to move out of your way. In case of snake bite do not move and call 000.

4. Can I take my pet into the reserve?

You may have your pet in the car as you drive around the reserve, but under the Crown Land (Reserves) Winton Wetlands Regulations 2010, it is prohibited to take any dog, horse or other animals onto the Winton Wetlands Reserve either restrained or unrestrained. Dogs on leashes are welcome in the mown areas around the Mokoan Hub & Cafe on the foreshore only.

5. Can you cycle through Winton Wetlands?

Yes. The road network within the site is a shared road. Visitors in vehicles must be mindful of cyclists and pedestrians at all times.

View our Cycle Guide here to see a map of the trail routes.

6. What should I do if I see an injured animal?

If you come across any injured wildlife out at the Winton Wetlands, please ensure that your do not touch or interfere with the animal and immediately contact Wildlife Victoria on 1300 094 535

7. What time of year is best for recreational activities on the water?

Winton Wetlands is an ephemeral wetland and at times the water bodies within the Reserve will lose water through evaporation. It is best to contact our Project Office on (03) 5766 4462 for the most up to date status of water presence and level.