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Dr Andrea White

Victoria’s Ramsar and Wetland Policy

Ramsar listing is a long and involved process, developing the necessary documentation can be costly and must be maintained once the site is listed. The requirements for listing in Victoria are set out in the Victorian Waterway Management Strategy (Policy 12.6) and include identification of criteria met, an assessment of current threats at the site, current management regime and whether listing would improve the management of threats and Ramsar related values. Listing requires the support of the land manager and for the manager to indicate the actions proposed to meet Ramsar obligations. Ramsar sites must be managed to maintain or improve the site ecological character, the baseline is set at time of listing.


Dr Andrea White

Andrea is the Manager of the Victorian Wetland Program, which is responsible for wetland policy and programs, including the implementation of the Ramsar Convention in Victoria. She has worked in conservation for over 30 years in many different roles, including threatened species management, biomonitoring methods for wetland condition, modelling impacts of climate change on alpine bogs, and waterway policy and strategy development. She has worked in the Waterway Health team at DEECA for the last 12 years and oversaw the listing of the Glenelg Estuary and Discovery Bay Ramsar Site.