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Did you know?

… that important revegetation work at Winton Wetlands has been paid for by fines against local polluters, in a scheme supported by EPA Victoria?

… that North Central Catchment Management Authority and Middle Creek Fish Farm, with others, have helped make it possible to bring back native fish once lost to Winton Wetlands?

… that BirdLife Australia (via BirdLife Murray Goulburn) has kept track of important changes in bird population at Winton Wetlands in regular surveys for the past 10 years?

… that Turtles Australia is working with university researchers and Winton Wetlands to find better ways to protect turtles and their eggs from attack by foxes?

… that Taskforce Growler is an alliance of community groups including Swamps, Rivers & Ranges, the Gecko Clan Landcare group and others, who are making possible the return of iconic Growling Grass Frogs to Winton Wetlands and northern Victoria.

… that AirSeed Technologies has delivered thousands of plant seed pods by air into hard-to-reach corners of Winton Wetlands, at no charge, with support from groups including Goulburn Broken Indigenous Seedbank?


These and others – including fantastic individual volunteers – are helping make the restoration of Winton Wetlands possible.

If you are visiting any of their stands and demonstrations, feel free to stop for a chat and get more of their inside stories!

Posted 24/11/23