Future Developments

Bike Paths & the Causeway

Construction of a 1.6 kilometre causeway between Winton and Sargeants swamps has been delayed due to flooding. A great deal of the preliminary work for the development of the bike paths at the wetlands has been undertaken and many of the structural elements have been manufactured and are ready for installation. The construction should proceed quickly once the site dries out again.

Wall to Wall

The wetland already displays two spectacular “street art” works with another to be launched during the Wall to Wall 2017 Festival in April 2017. A community landscape arts installation will also take place during the wall to wall festival.

Camping at Bill Friday

Camping at Bill Friday will be available from April 2017. Booking these sites is available through our website.

Ecological connections

Winton Wetlands is working with Regent Honeyeater Group, the Swamps Rivers Ranges group and the North East Catchment Management Authority to gradually establish ecological connections with the region, especially the Warby Ranges, the Chesney Hills, the Mokoan Range and the Lurg Hills. This long-term approach is supported by the Wettnehall Foundation.

Humphries Hill

We are continuing work with Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation to develop a significant area for Indigenous Interpretation at Humphries Hill. This area is easily be seen to have been an important place for Indigenous people.

Ashmeads Swamp

A small jetty will be installed to enable canoes to be launched. Canoeing events will then include moonlit canoeing, nature focussed tours and an outdoor art gallery.

Schools programs

We are trialing a series of schools’ programs including a Unit 3 Geography for Victorian year 12 Students and working with Living Culture Together to develop a program for all year levels. The programs are designed to deliver curriculum outcomes and help students connect to and understand the site and its importance socially and environmentally.
Winton Wetlands are actively seeking partners for the development of a school camp.