Friends of Winton Wetlands

The Friends of Winton Wetlands were established in 2013. They seek to support the development of the Wetlands by being involved in activities which increase members’ awareness and knowledge of both the wetlands and the surrounding woodland areas.  Projects undertaken address the restoration of the wetlands and promote them within the local community and more broadly.

Annual Membership Fees 

Individual $15.00
Concession $10.00
Family $30.00

To become a member, complete the form attached here and return via email.

New memberships paid between July and September will be half price and due for renewal between January and March –

Sticking Our Necks Out for Turtle Conservation Project 

This project, made possible by the support of the Victorian Government, benefits not only turtles, but native mammals, birds, fish and frogs through water quality and native wetland habitat availability. Community awareness of the biodiversity and public health values of the wetlands system has been an essential component of this project, and our community has made great strides on-ground in habitat improvement, species monitoring and pest species management through Carp Muster days, as well as having partaken in workshops and demonstrations to encourage new skills and build knowledge for conversation.

Turtle Nest Protection

🧐 Did you know turtles nest in spring/summer, and a simple set up of trellis and garden pegs makes a great turtle nest protection kit? After rain in the warmer months, keep an eye out for turtles nesting near your dams.

🦊 Collect your free nest protection kits from us and help save the turtles in your backyard from becoming a fox’s dinner!

Kits available from Winton Wetlands, Chesney Vale, Victoria.

📨 Email to arrange a collection time, or for more info on protecting turtles and their nests visit