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Category: Wetlands restoration

Keeping out the invaders!

Weeds and other invasive plants can be a real problem for land managers. Sometimes they cause direct damage to other plants. At other times they simply ‘crowd out’ native plant

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Taskforce Growler

Time to get growling! A community-driven campaign called ‘Taskforce Growler’ gets under way this week to support the return of an iconic native frog to north-eastern Victoria. The growling grass

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Just Add Water

Ephemeral wetlands, like Winton Wetlands, dry and fill in a natural cycle following rainfall in the catchments of the creeks which feed the wetlands. The drying phase, now passed, was

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Increasing Biodiversity

World Biodiversity Day was recently celebrated and is in perfect timing with the recent discovery of evidence of increasing biodiversity at Winton Wetlands.

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Science Forum 2019

5th Annual Restoration Science Forum 15th and 16th August 2019   The theme for the 2019 event is ‘Connecting People with Nature’. This theme emphasises the role of nature in

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Dry wetlands sunrise. Image by Lesley Ricker

These Drying Times

In these drying times it can be difficult to see that wetland sites, like Winton Wetlands, provide vital, productive environments. Cradling biological diversity, the wetlands provide the perfect setting for

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