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Category: Science Forum 2023

Science Forum 2023

Theme:  International Recognition of Wetlands Our 2023 Science Forum was held on Thursday 29 June 2023, at the Mokoan Hub at the Winton Wetlands. Here is the program for the

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Anne Moore

Anne Moore, nee Green, is a direct descendant of original farmers that settled on what is now Green’s Hill during the 1860’s. Anne spent her childhood there and will give

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Max Finlayson

Ramsar Listing, Wetlands of Distinction, and Rights of Wetlands Brief introduction covering Ramsar listing as a potential form of recognition of the success of the restoration of the wetlands, in

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Dylan Jones

What is Ramsar, Recent CoP outcomes and Obligations under Ramsar This talk will cover what the Ramsar Convention is, and how the Convention has been implemented in Australia, including the

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Dr Andrea White

Victoria’s Ramsar and Wetland Policy Ramsar listing is a long and involved process, developing the necessary documentation can be costly and must be maintained once the site is listed. The

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Dr Doug Robinson

Wetlands on private land: the poor cousins in terms of national and international recognition Dr Doug Robinson Dr Doug Robinson is Chief Conservation Scientist with Trust for Nature, a conservation

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Gavin Prentice

Glenelg Ramsar Site: 6 years on Lessons for establishment and ongoing management A range of successes and challenges in coordinating Ramsar Site management will be presented. The focus will be

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Lance Lloyd

Unraveling Ecological Character: Revealing the Elements of Winton Wetlands Lance will present an overview of the 9 criteria that require evaluation to assess their fulfillment for Ramsar listing, using the

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