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Can I come out yet?

Winton Wetlands’ resident Growling Grass Frogs have been enjoying a quiet life inside a quarantine laboratory since their transfer across from their former outdoor home near Bendigo in March this

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Annual Report available

The latest annual report for Winton Wetlands Committee of Management is now available. It features highlights of achievements made and issues faced in the financial year 2021-22. There were quite

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Showing the way

Introducing Sarah Way, a fabulous new addition to the Winton Wetlands team. Sarah is a zoologist with over 18 years’ experience in threatened fauna species conservation including field-based research and

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Welcome back, Pygmy Perch!

Southern Pygmy Perch fish (Murray-Darling lineage) were once common in the waterways of the Winton Wetlands, up till at least the 1960s. Sadly, they then departed – but now they’re

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Taskforce Growler

Time to get growling! A community-driven campaign called ‘Taskforce Growler’ gets under way this week to support the return of an iconic native frog to north-eastern Victoria. The growling grass

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Solar Project Proposal

Benefits for the development of a Solar Farm on Winton Wetlands One of the biggest challenges we face today as a society is climate change and the risks are not

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New Solar Project Proposed

Winton Wetlands’ environmental potential is being diversified with expressions of interest now open on a new solar project for the site. In response to the Australian Government’s initiative to mitigate

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