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Category: Water

Growth Spurt delivering major benefits

Winton Wetlands is undergoing what has been described as an “ecological growth spurt” following recent heavy rains. Latest counting by staff and volunteers on the wetlands reserve shows wildlife populations,

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“Nature’s Sponge”

Luckily for us all, wetlands soak up large quantities of water flow that might otherwise add to flooding in other places. Wetlands have been described as “nature’s sponge”! Shown here

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Water levels rising

News update 20 September 2022 With water levels rising across the Winton Wetlands reserve, Boggy Bridge Road and Humphries Lane have been closed till further notice. Vehicle access onto the

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Just Add Water

Ephemeral wetlands, like Winton Wetlands, dry and fill in a natural cycle following rainfall in the catchments of the creeks which feed the wetlands. The drying phase, now passed, was

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Dry wetlands sunrise. Image by Lesley Ricker

These Drying Times

In these drying times it can be difficult to see that wetland sites, like Winton Wetlands, provide vital, productive environments. Cradling biological diversity, the wetlands provide the perfect setting for

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Winton Wetlands dry April 2018

2018 Drying of the Winton Wetlands

The drying we’re seeing at Winton Wetlands is part of a normal and regular process. With the dry weather over summer and autumn the site dried out this year. Drying drives very important ecological processes (such as nutrient transformation, trigging invertebrates to lay eggs and plants to germinate), so we welcome it.

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