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Category: Growling Grass Frogs

Frog ID workshop

Do you know how to tell the sound of one frog from another? Are you interested in helping protect native frogs and the valuable role they play in our eco-system?

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Taskforce Growler

Time to get growling! A community-driven campaign called ‘Taskforce Growler’ gets under way this week to support the return of an iconic native frog to north-eastern Victoria. The growling grass

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Taskforce Growler Launch

You are invited to the community launch event of “Taskforce Growler” Join us for a family friendly, frog themed celebration and BBQ, supporting and learning about the upcoming return of

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Talking frogs!

Winton Wetlands’ expert ecologists Lance Lloyd and Dr Lisa Farnsworth are frog-talking on Tuesday 13 September (10am-11am) at an online webinar being put on by the Australian Wetlands Network, a

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