The Winton Wetlands offers a range of trails around the Reserve that make exploration safe and easy. Download a detailed map (PDF, 10.4 Mb) of the designated walks can be picked up from the Mokoan Hub.

Greens Hill Walk (2.6km): This walk provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy an elevated look over the wetlands. Explore each phase of the site’s cultural heritage through evidence of Aboriginal inhabitants, European heritage and observe the ongoing ecological restoration. Visit the homestead site of the Green family, who farmed and resided here in the 1960s.

Woodland Walk (540m): An easy walk from the Mokoan Hub that showcases a number of woodland species. Hear the many calls of the woodland birds and take in the beautiful box grassy woodland as you explore the layers of Red-gum renewal.

Spit Walk (9km): Located at the end of a spectacular natural lunette, this isolated part of the wetlands is one of the most beautiful and culturally important. Historically it was a place for gatherings of Indigenous people. Geographically the sandy lunette is the most easterly of its kind in Victoria.

We strongly recommend that all walkers take their own water and first aid supplies.

Dam Wall Walk (7.7km): One of the highest points on the site, the Dam Wall offers a different perspective and is the perfect spot to take in a sunrise.

Winton Wetlands map


Winton Wetlands map. Click or tap to download a PDF version for printing (PDF, 10.4 Mb).