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Artists on the Wetlands

The Winton Wetlands Creatives

The Winton Wetlands Creatives are an emerging group of artists, photographers and other creative people who are inspired by the life of the wetlands.

Each year large number of creative people, of all ages, come to the wetlands to capture images of the landscape, to photograph birds and other wildlife, and to be inspired into other acts of creation including painting, sculpture, tapestry, weaving, embroidery and works in other artistic media.

Some are moved by the wetlands’ evocative landscapes including ghostly tree stags and broad expanses of pondage. Others by the colourful and abundant wildlife returning to the reserve as ecological rehabilitation work continues. Still others are attracted by the amazing light effects visible at different times of the day and night. Stargazers marvel at the clarity of the night skies and capture striking images of the Milky Way.

Art galleries across the district, including the Benalla Art Gallery, have featured impressive exhibitions of wetlands-inspired art.

While there is much still to learn about life on the wetlands prior to European settlement, it seems clear that the traditional custodians of the land, the Yorta Yorta people, valued and continue to value creative representation of the landscape.

Here at Winton Wetlands, we’re doing what we can to show our appreciation of artistic endeavour on the wetlands and to encourage more of it.

We believe our wetlands can be appreciated well from the perspectives of nature and science, but sometimes it takes a creative perspective to open up other dimensions and to reveal fresh insights.

If you are interested in art on the wetlands and the work of the Winton Wetlands Creatives – including opportunities for exhibition and potential sales of wetlands-themed art in future – please feel free to make contact with us at the address below:

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Exhibitions and Events

An outdoor meeting of the Winton Wetlands Creatives at the Winton Wetlands Yarning Circle, hosted by Koorie cultural officer Nikki James.
Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart of the Winton Wetlands Creatives worked with other artists to display more than 40 works of art at the Winton Wetlands WILD WEEK event in November 2023.
An impressive Yorta Yorta-created tapestry quilt on display at Winton Wetlands during the WILD WEEK event in November 2023
Artist Mark Dober greeting - Welcome to Country