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Our Mission

Our mission is to renew the ecology of the reserve growing its natural, scientific, cultural and environmental significance and deliver education, research, tourism, recreation and community development outcomes.

What makes Winton Wetlands unique?

Aside from a core focus on ecological renewal we also want to create unique and compelling experiences for our visitors. Visitors can visit for a few hours or stay on site with standard and luxury camping options. During their time at Winton Wetlands, we want visitors to see for themselves how the reserve is being renewed – and renewing itself.

Our programs, facilities and staff will help visitors to understand and record our ecological renewal success.

Winton Wetlands also offers powerful experiences of aboriginal culture. Rich with indigenous arts and history, the site offers insights that enhance the visitors’ understanding of the local area and its first people.

We partner with Catchment Management Authorities, government, universities, schools, businesses and philanthropic groups, and hope to attract significant commercial and philanthropic investment.

Winton Wetlands offers unique experiences for visitors, alongside a scientifically significant renewal project on a site that is rich with history and meaning.

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